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Decorate Your Book. ; sunbonnet in action

My creative's book look so old and flat. I need something new, fresh and floral theme. So.....It's decorating time !!!! This is my first posting in English, (sorry for my poor English......)

you need :

notebook ( of course.... )
Floral printing paper
color paper
other ornament you like.

Step 1 :

Because my floral printing paper very thin,  firstly I wrapped it with other paper. I used waste paper from computer brochure ( can you see printer picture there ???  ). Just covered it nicely.

Step 2 :

Covered it with floral printing paper. I used double-tape to stick it. My floral printing paper not big enough to covered entire area so I leaved few inches uncovered.

Put ribbon on uncovered area and tied. Add a few layer ribbons bow.

Step 3:

I used a black button and add a few yellow beads to touch up the ribbon.

 I made a nice sunbonnet applique  using color paper and floral printing paper and put this in the center. That's it,  pretty simple right ????

you can create sunbonnet applique using fabric, felt or paper. you can get a lot of sunbonnet idea in here
Have a great decorating time !!!!


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Hany said...

What a nice decorated journal you created. Thank you for sharing the tutorial with us :)
Hany xo

Nuhy said...

Thx mb Hany atas kunjungannya.

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